Scholarship program for the children of Maspex Wadowice Group employees:

The main purpose of the Scholarship Program is to provide assistance in the form of scholarships for students - the children of Maspex Wadowice Group employees

The Foundation supports people who want to study at foreign universities and institutions by covering the costs (tuition fees and student maintenance), study at a foreign university chosen - regardless of whether the student enters the university through the Foundation, or individually.


The grant may be awarded to a maximum of six students of technical or business studies who meet the conditions specified in the Scholarship Program Regulations. All applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship.

Students reporting a desire to participate in the scholarship program must be a child of a Maspex Wadowice Group employee, either in Poland or abroad. Entrants must have completed at least a bachelors degree or be in process of completing a Masters degree or a graduate. Entrants should speak English perfectly and must prepare for and pass the required exams themselves.

Helpline education – a program for children of Maspex Wadowice Group employees:

Every child of Maspex Wadowice Group employees, as a potential candidate for the scholarship program is able to benefit from the knowledge of individual educational counsellors through the Program Helpline. Consultants help at every stage of preparation for college applications. 

A preliminary consultation carried out by e-mail regarding the appropriate targeting of candidate:

  • assistance in the selection of institutions and programs,
  • discussions about the recruitment process at various universities,
  • Essays and draft CV consultation,
  • Assistance in the selection of references,
  • Access to a collection of questions and answers regarding both recruitment and living in the UK,

The final application consultation is carried out by Skype or telephone. This involves assessment and analysis of essays and resumes submitted, supplemented by evaluation by e-mail on the areas that need improvement or to be supplemented, and evaluating and selecting references. In addition, the counsellor answers questions regarding the continued application process and subsequent studies in the UK.

You can use the paid services of advisors: individual tutoring, preparation for competency exams (GMAT / GRE) and consultation on the English language and preparing for interviews, College Tour of the universities and help with accommodation and choice of activities.