3 August 2015

The children of every Maspex Wadowice Group employee have the opportunity to benefit from the Program Helpline, which is available all year round. The program Helpline is run as follows:

How Educational Advisory Program works.

  1. Contact the Maspex Foundation and successfully pass the internal verification process
  2. Email your CV to to the Ivy Poland Foundation at
  3. Participate in a telephone conversation (skype) with an Ivy Poland Foundation consultant covering all aspects of your application
  4. Send all documents created as a result of the telephone consultation for evaluation and grading
  5. Send your application to your chosen university, following corrections made on the basis of the feedback you receive from the Ivy Poland Foundation consultant.

Prior to contacting the helpline, every child is required to acquaint themselves fully with the web page of their chosen university as well as with all documentation necessary for preparing an application

More information can be found under: Scholarship Program